Sunday, December 15, 2013

God damn it, you've got to be kind.

How was your weekend?
Anth had finals all weekend at school
 and I was lucky and got to listen in on his critique.
I have to say, my heart swelled with pride listening
to his professors talk about his work.
We celebrated his semester with
great Chinesse take-out and delicious beers.

All in all, yesterday was just a really really good day.

So cheers to the weekend and spending time
with loved ones doing the things you enjoy.
Along with that,
I saw a TON of great links
around the interwebs this week,
most of which focus on kindness.
Is it just me or is kindness the new happiness
in regards to "This is what you should do..." articles
that circulate around the net?

I have to say though,
I think the idea of focusing outside yourself
and being kind is more important than trying to be happy.
Just my opinion.
(I swear I didn't get misty).
Whether it be Myers Briggs (INTP), Enneagram (9) or just horoscope based (Libra), I'm always curious about personality tests.
I thought this new one was pretty spot on although short.
and other important lessons.
but I would still happily go.
Because who is perfect?

and Amy Poehler Christmas Caroling.
Because Christmas is magical and so is AP.
xoxo friends.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby it's cold outside....

It's been pretty dang cold this week.
I know my Chicago/Michigan friends will concur.
On these super cold days,
nothing beats snuggling in & drinking your dinner.
How about you?
What are your fav ways to hibernate?
Oh, and if you can get your hands
on some Long Trail beer,
I strongly suggest trying it!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I'm not really crazy about all things Fall.
However, I realized that other day
that the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas
are continually my favs each year.

Between tree hauling, trimming and snuggling,
holiday parties and first snows,
I just love love love this time of year.
Along those lines,
this past weekend we had
all of the Anthony's art buddies
over to the house for a prefinals food fest.

It was so nice to have a house filled with friends and laughter.
Also, cooking for 20 in a kitchen the size of a thimble
is an art-form in and of itself :-)
Ah, city livin.
And speaking of city-living....
We made a quick trip to NYC on Sat for an art opening.
I got to see one of my all time favs too!
It also dumped tons of snow on Sunday and today,
which means working from home today.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A JaxDog Thanksgiving....

Hey guys, it's me, JaxDog.
Lately I've had a ton to be thankful for.
So I guess you could say this is my happy list.
1. My human friends like it when I sit in their laps.
I like it too.
2. When we go to DC, we get to hang with my dog friends.
This also means more treats.
Lots and lots of treats.
3. Snuggling.
After running, it's my favorite.
Nick didn't seem to mind either.

4. Gametime.
Which means I get to be the center of attention.
Clearly I was being very helpful.

And finally I'm thankful for lazy Sundays
after a long run when my roommates are home.

What tops your list this week?
Cat chasing?
Stealing turkey off the table?
Back in time

Monday, November 25, 2013

Here's a surprise corndog I bought for you...

...because you're my friend. 
(and other happy things). 

1. My brother and sis recently had a baby. 
Talk about happy times. 

We get to go meet Ryker over Christmas. 

I also recently got a promotion at work. 
Yay to a new jobby job! 
I feel so blessed to have found (another!) 
great work environment with kickass people. 
What a lucky duck I am. 

And also, Kid President. 

Such great advice. 
(someone bring me a corndog!)
Oh, and he and Threadless did a challenge a while back. 

Threadless, I will always love you. 

Finally, two days until Thanksgiving! 
We're packing up the pup
and headed to DC.
It's so great living close to Jamey, Kate and the kids.

What's on your list this week?
Any fun Thanksgiving traditions you're looking forward to?
I always want to start holiday traditions,
but then I get way too into the food part and lose focus.
Oops. :-) 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy fall!

I know it sounds silly, 
but I always forget that I like fall. 
Probably because I would flippin marry summer if I could....
or because I don't care about all things pumpkin or apple picking*. 

With fall fully upon us though, 
there are tons of reasons to be happy this week. 

1. Bike rides
After my bike got stolen this summer, 
I've been pretty pissy about biking. 

But I got over my shitiness (mostly) and 
hit up our local used bike shop last week 
and bought a new (to me!) bike. 

about this old French beauty
with her pepperoni pizza bell. 

and yes, I need to keep my eyes on the road
and off my camera. 

2. Fall runs. 
Jax and I have definitely put in extra miles 
now that it's cooled off. 
Plus, the crunch of leaves as you're running
is pretty great, right? 

3. Fall beers and books at the studio with the hubs
are the perfect combo for a Saturday afternoon. 

If you can get your hands on Long Trail beer,
I highly recommend it. 

3. Cookouts with friends and their pups. 
Meet Reef. 
He once at an entire deer, 
lived to tell the tale and is also super chill. 

Jax could learn a thing or two from him. 
Just sayin. 

That's it kids! 
What's topped your list this week? 

***My friend John once described me as the most dude-like lady he knows. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Getting over it...

I've been a bit under the weather this weekend. 
Best ways to cope? 

Manhattans, Pup Snuggles,
Scandal, Health bars &
Hocus Pocus 
(amuck! amuck! amuck!)

Feeling better already :-) 

In other news, 
the Chicago Marathon was this weekend. 
Each year when it creeps up, 
I get the urge to run another. 

Where should I go for a destination marathon? 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Bittersweet Birthday

I'm not one to get sad when my birthday rolls around each year.

I don't declare it "birthday week" either* though. 

The one constant on that day the past 31 years? 
Sharing it with one of my favorite people

Don't get me wrong. 
I'm happy, have a great job, family and friends. 
I'm doing pretty well out here in Philly. 

and it feels lonely knowing we won't 
talk and laugh together on our shared day. 

I know you're smiling down at me and sending *hugs*
Happy Birthday and I miss you. 
So much. 

***To any friends who do "birthday week",  I'm not judging in the slightest. 
I love celebrating with you! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Meet my awesome friends
Colleen and Jon. 

As you can tell from the pic, 
they got married. 
(And looked pretty darn great doing so)

Colleen and I worked together at Threadless, 
and I do say we are such kindred spirits. 

Anth and I were already excited 
to spend a weekend celebrating their love....
and then we found out they booked 
a camp on a lake for the festivities. 

Archery, Rope Swings, Tree Houses, Oh my! 

Seriously, it could not have been a better weekend. 

So prepare yourself for a photo dump. 
Some are from friends (credited)....
because when you get a lot of creative people 
together who all love photography, 
every second will be documented. :-) 

 Our sweet digs for the weekend. 

With this B.A. view. 

 When we were not dancing the night away, 
we spent most of the time on the rope swing.

There were fog machines, 
bike lights for night time 
(that made it feel like Space Mountain)
and always someone to cheer you on. 

Seriously, I could not stay off that thing. 

Lots of good lake time with friends = on happy girl. 

One of my favorite photographers right now is Paul Octavious
Who also happens to be a Threadfriend....
he photoed the wedding and I can't wait to see these pics. 

Here are two sniped from his Instagram feed.! 

My friend Jess was also the "camp director" for the weekend. 
Which included a lot of bullhorns, directions and prize giving. 
Basically what she does best. 

She also had everyone give marriage advice to C&J, 
made them an "advent calendar" from the responses 
to open leading up to the wedding, 
and then posted the advice on trees around camp. 

Mine read: 
What's something Jon should know about Colleen? 
If ever Colleen is sad, bring her cheese. 
If ever Colleen is upset, bring her cheese. 
If ever Colleen is attempting a Cheese Challenge
(that's when she tries to give up cheese for a month), 
bring her wine. 

Oh yeah, and there was karaoke. 
Here's Colleen singing to her man. 

Did I mention the late night taco truck, 
fire the size of my car and the fact 
that they rode to the reception on a tandem bike? 

If you're thinking that they had a dream wedding, 
you're correct, it was. 
What I loved the most though, 
is that is was so them. 

Nothing was for show or pictures or because Pinterest said so. 
I was totally things they loved that were special to them. 

My hope now is that they have a vow renewal ceremony next year....
so ready to go back :-) 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Someday somebody's going to ask you...*

5 years ago this weekend, 
I said yes to a once in a lifetime question. 

I'm not really big on anniversaries of this day or that, 
but here and there I'll get a wash of emotion
of how proud I am to be married to this guy. 

Today was just one of those days. 

Anth, I love ya. 
Today and Always. 

*one of the best proposal songs EVER,  by Old 97s. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some people...

...are good at staying cool and collected 
when bumped up to business class for an international flight. 

I am just not one of those people. 

Which explains why I had champaign for breakfast. 
(and wine for lunch)
(and port for dessert**)

To any JudgeyMcJudgersons out there, 
 technically, I was still on vacation. 
And the port was on the insistence of the flight attendant.
(who had impeccable French and better eyebrows than me, btw)
Plus, it was delicious. ;-) 

I think The Mister judged me a little at first. 

But then he drank some of my expensive red wine 
and realized he had in fact blundered the situation. 

In other news, as you guessed, 
we made it back to the real world. 
Berlin pictures to come soon! 

**PS, who gets dessert on a plane? 
Apparently Business Class, that's who. 
Peach tart, Port and Manchego cheese. 
My brain is still spinning 
at the ridiculousness of that one. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dear Momma....

When I last spoke with my mom before I left, 
she made me promise to not fall in love with Germany 
and want to move here. 

Did you guys know she went to high school 
a mere 5 hours from Berlin?
Yeah, she did, so she's in the know. 

I made an oath to not fall for any of Germany's charms.

I mean, the beer is gross and expensive. 

The nature is terrible and drab.

And they have no sausages. 

I solemnly swear I do not love it. 
I do not want to move here, 
I promise ;-) 

....unless everyone I know wants to come too...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ich bin ein Berliner...

We made it to Berlin! 

Short of sharing the billion pics we've taken,
I'll leave you with just one for now. 

Today, the BowHouse successfully
snuck into an abandoned amusement park

Winner winner riesenwurst dinner! 

So much fun. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

I get by with a little help from my friends...

I'm definitely in the need of a cheer up this week. 

Here are a couple of things making me happy! 

1. Berlin. 
Only 4 more wake-ups until I jet off
to meet Anthony and spend 10 days exploring! 
It couldn't come at a better time. 

2. The outpouring of love and support for our family. 

Thanks to everyone for sending prayers 
and love as we grieve this loss. 
It's not been easy, 
but all of you have made it so much better. 

One of my fav paintings we have of Sue's. 
The title? 
Box Turtle. 
Love it. 

3. This video. 
I'm not a Mumford & Sons fan, 
but this video is pretty rad 
and added some sunshine 
to an otherwise gloomy day today. 

Make sure to watch to at least the 1:15 mark :-) 

4. Friday night video game night with friends. 
...and chips...
...and beers...
...and cheese...

Sometimes the best way to cheer up 
is by getting your booty kicked in Mario Kart all evening 
and then getting up early the next day 
and taking the pup on a long long run. 

Thanks again friends. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013


The storm has cleared, 
the rained has stopped, 
and my grandma Sue has gone home. 

Mamaw Sue...
You taught me how to paint
to dance the Jitterbug, 
and were always there to laugh with me. 

We share a birthday. 
We went to Pacer's games and
drank Hot Damn shots in the hotel after. 
We yelled at Hoosier basketball together. 

We are such kindred spirits. 

But your time here with us grew short. 

So we held your hand. 
We laughed and cried together.
We said goodbye. 

And now you're at peace. 

Please pray for our family as we celebrate 
this amazing woman who lead a long and joy-filled life. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy list!

As some of you know, 
the hubs is spending 
the next 3 weeks in Austria...
which makes me both happy for him, 
and a little green with envy. ;-) 

To try and combat that, 
here's a happy list! 

Here's what's been making me happy lately! 

1. Roadtrips to visit friends. 
Our friends Sam and Ashley moved to New Haven 
for Ashley to attend grad school. 
(that's right, Yale baby!)

We got the chance to visit last weekend 
and had a great time getting lost 
in the woods and exploring Connecticut. 

The odds weren't in our favor 
with the copy of the paper plate map. 

So we did as all good Midwesterners would do
and shot pellet guns at paper targets
instead of tying to find the rock quarry 
that was somewhere between "4x4 road", "log road" 
and what we aptly named, 
"don't go down this road without a jeep road"...

We *may* have went down anyways...
and were lucky we didn't pop a tire. 
For reals. 

What we did find though was the beach! 

and we got to hang with their kickass dog, Dublin. 

2. The ultimate trifecta of fun. 
On Friday, the Electronics team at work left early 
to celebrate a great 1st half to the year. 

I had forgotten how well 
bowling, beer and pizza go together. 
Pair that with great work friends? 
Perfect afternoon. 

Cheers to a great week
and to only 18 more wake-ups 
until I meet Anthony in Berlin! 
Auf Wiedersehen!