Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some people...

...are good at staying cool and collected 
when bumped up to business class for an international flight. 

I am just not one of those people. 

Which explains why I had champaign for breakfast. 
(and wine for lunch)
(and port for dessert**)

To any JudgeyMcJudgersons out there, 
 technically, I was still on vacation. 
And the port was on the insistence of the flight attendant.
(who had impeccable French and better eyebrows than me, btw)
Plus, it was delicious. ;-) 

I think The Mister judged me a little at first. 

But then he drank some of my expensive red wine 
and realized he had in fact blundered the situation. 

In other news, as you guessed, 
we made it back to the real world. 
Berlin pictures to come soon! 

**PS, who gets dessert on a plane? 
Apparently Business Class, that's who. 
Peach tart, Port and Manchego cheese. 
My brain is still spinning 
at the ridiculousness of that one. 

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