Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy list!

As some of you know, 
the hubs is spending 
the next 3 weeks in Austria...
which makes me both happy for him, 
and a little green with envy. ;-) 

To try and combat that, 
here's a happy list! 

Here's what's been making me happy lately! 

1. Roadtrips to visit friends. 
Our friends Sam and Ashley moved to New Haven 
for Ashley to attend grad school. 
(that's right, Yale baby!)

We got the chance to visit last weekend 
and had a great time getting lost 
in the woods and exploring Connecticut. 

The odds weren't in our favor 
with the copy of the paper plate map. 

So we did as all good Midwesterners would do
and shot pellet guns at paper targets
instead of tying to find the rock quarry 
that was somewhere between "4x4 road", "log road" 
and what we aptly named, 
"don't go down this road without a jeep road"...

We *may* have went down anyways...
and were lucky we didn't pop a tire. 
For reals. 

What we did find though was the beach! 

and we got to hang with their kickass dog, Dublin. 

2. The ultimate trifecta of fun. 
On Friday, the Electronics team at work left early 
to celebrate a great 1st half to the year. 

I had forgotten how well 
bowling, beer and pizza go together. 
Pair that with great work friends? 
Perfect afternoon. 

Cheers to a great week
and to only 18 more wake-ups 
until I meet Anthony in Berlin! 
Auf Wiedersehen!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Let me play among those stars...

Four years baby! 

Once again, what a wonderful and crazy year it's been. 

From moving across the country
away from family and friends, 

starting grad school and a new job, 
to eating a bagillion cheesesteaks, 

I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Anth, you continue to inspire me 
with your patience, kindness, and 
just overall awesomeness. 

I'll follow you anywhere, love. 

And for those keeping track, 
1, 2, and 3

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Exploring our new coast...part uno

Being new to the New England area, 
Hubs and I vowed to explore as much of 
the Northeast as possible. 

This past weekend we journeyed to 
Cape Cod with a crew of friends 
and then down to New Haven to see Sam and Ashley

What a great a restorative trip it was. 

Without further adieu...

Our pretty sweet view of the Cape. 

The weather was kinda cruddy, 
but it was perfect for beach combing.

One of my favorite surprises about Cape Cod 
was swimming with the bioluminescent jellyfish
(otherwise known as moon jellies).  

I couldn't get a good picture of it, 
but they don't sting and 
they light up under water like fireflies. 

Night swimming just got so much better. 

Boone's Farm, docks and trashy mags. 
Life is complete. 

When vacationing with a slew of artists, 
statues can be found around every corner.  

Our sweet digs for the weekend. 

It smelled just like camp, 
which was perfect. 

We also took advantage of the fresh local seafood
(and reasonable prices!)
and had a Lobster Lunch. 

And yes, we wore hats for Lobster Lunch. 
Because it was a lobster party! 

....which, in the East is properly pronounced as

However it's pronounced though, 
Max was not impressed. 


And we also ate a good deal of dawgs while there. 

What weekend cabin getaway is complete 
without a pyramid of hot dogs? 

:-) More to come tomorrow from our stop in New Haven!