Monday, July 30, 2012

Scenes from life lately...

Being that it's summer 
and our time in Chicago is winding down, 
we've been super busy with 
friends, family, and fun. 

Here are some pics to prove it! :-) 

 Anth and I at Ruxbin
Maybe my favorite meal I've had in Chicago. 
For reals.


And it's a BYOB. 
One of the things I'll really miss about Chicago.

It was our official 
"we bought a house!" dinner. 

Gules and I at the Shedd.
We went for the Jazz, 
but stayed for the toys. 
Somethings don't change.

We also recently went home to my parents house. 

This gorgeous view is the sky 
outside my friend Lindsay's house. 

I wasn't jealous at all. 
I swear ;-)

While there, we stopped by 
my brother and sis's yard sale. 

Not sure why no one was buying this bean bag chair. 
It would have been perfect for gaming. 

Anthony tried on most of the clothes. 
At once.

He might have 4 shirts on in this picture. 
 My grandparents farm.

Lunch at the Gerst Haus
with my grandpa, aunt and mom! 

Easily one of my fav Evansville spots. 

Summer in the south
means 48 ears of sweet corn. 

And finally, some champagne to celebrate 
the official take over of the entire house! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy House

So what's making me happy this week?! 

For those of you who see me often, 
you know Anthony and I have been involved
in a tireless process of moving out the tenant 
living in the first floor of our house. 

The moving truck showed up Saturday morning
(after another sleepless night filled 
with loud rap and a crying child)... 

Champaign was popped. 
Happy dances were danced.
Jax even found some very questionable 
treats for himself on the floor. 

The place may be filled with junk and muck
and we've got so much to do,  
but it doesn't matter
because it finally feels like our home. 

Along with that, 
we also just found a place to live in Philly! 
So many prayers answered. 


Now to find a job as awesome 
as the one I have at Threadless. 

Baby steps :-) 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

To my favorite sir.

The past year sure has been a crazy one. 

Crazy fun, this is. :-)
Well, and crazy crazy.

(thanks Laura for the photo!)

From finding out we finally got the house 
the same weekend we found out 
you got into grad school out of state,

To training for a marathon together,

and hitchhiking in San Fran.

and so many other sillystressfulcrazy happenings...

it's really been such a great year...

And there's absolutely no one else 
I would rather share it with than you.

I love you so much sir. 

Three cheers to us!  
Years one and two

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle....*

This past week, 
Anthony and I traveled to Seattle to celebrate 
our friends Mike and Katie for their wedding....

 In true Anthony and Kim form, 
travel arrangements got a bit crazy. 

Blue line to O'Hare for 8:25 flight.
Train conductor stops train due to electrical malfuntion. 
Rush hour in a taxi
Rush hour in a taxi
Rush hour in a taxi
Arrive at O'Hare. 
Told we cannot check bag because flight leaves in 40 min.
Leave Anthony with our bag. 
I get through security and sprint to the gate....
Only to have my bag checked before boarding
Anthony (luckily) catches the next flight out.
Mike made up a much more hilarious story
involving Anthony blowing a hammy and
yelling to me that he'd see me in Seattle...
which might be just as likely to happen...hahaha.  

Either way, luckily, he made it in that day
and it was time for food and merriment!

Legit clown bar that we went to the first night in town. 
Turns out my old pal Anthony Bourdain 
had been there the night before! 

It would have been my friend Jen's
(who hates clowns) worst nightmare in there.

The seafood was so good I almost cried. 
No joke.

And the pizza. 
And the donuts. 
Tears of joy at every meal. 

Neither of us had been to a destination wedding before...
but quickly realized the best part
with 30 of our closest friends were there to celebrate as well. 

Because of this, 
I didn't take the time to shoot much. 


But....I definitely remembered to take pics the day 
we went fishing for delicious pinchy sea creatures.

Our fearless leader, Captain Ran-Dog

Fishing license in hand, 
let's do this.

After dropping our crabbing traps, 
we got to fish off the boat for about 4 hours. 
We quickly learned that sharks are the carp of the Sound. 

 Lo had the first catch of the day!

Joe easily had the greatest catch. 
He was pretty proud of himself, 
as you can see :-) 

At the end, we got to pull up our nets, 
which had 5 deliciously plump crabs for our hungry bellies. 

To our delight, Captain Randy
cooked our goodies right there on the ship.

Again, tears. 

 We even caught 3 huge star fish!

After stuffing our bellies, 
we ran back to our rooms with just enough time 
to make it to the rehearsal. 

The next night couldn't have been better. 
Again, barely any pics!
We were so busy dancing our booties off
that I didn't have any time for any more :-)

Those of you who were there,
I'm sure you totally agree. 
I wish I had video of some of the 
hilarity and dance-offs that happened. 
Oh well.

Mike and Katie, 
I wish you all of the best and love ya dearly!
It really was such a great trip.

 ***We barely slept at all on this trip. Too busy having fun!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Scenes from life lately....

Here's a photo mash up of what we've been up to! 

Julia and I at Brunchlox 
for the Pork of July
(yes, they made a whole pig!)

If you don't remember 
the awesomeness that is Brunchlox,
here's my post from last time.

My bffs from high school
came to the big city and we had so much fun!
It was great to spend the weekend with them,
read old (ridiculous) Jr. High notes, relax on the beach,
and have a weekend long slumber party. 

Sprucing up our crib

Human Tetris at the Guerrilla Truck Show 

Also, a couple of weeks ago, 
Anthony's sister Kara got married. 
It was such a fun and love filled day. 

Anthony and I set up a photobooth 
at the reception and everyone had a blast. 

This pic cracks me up everytime. 
I love my family so, so, much. :-) 

for Kara and Paulie as well. 

Speaking of weddings, 
our friends Mike and Katie are getting married
this weekend in Seattle...
and we're leaving in a hour for the festivities! 


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy weekend!

There's not much better than 
Saturdays in Chicago in the summertime. 

Yesterday mine was filled with 
lakefront runs with a friend, 
snoozy couch naps with the pup, 
a cookout on our rooftop, 
fireworks in the alley
and finally dancing our faces off at a 90s night
with some of my absolute favorite people. 

Nothing could have made it better.