Thursday, January 26, 2012

The time I died and went to food heaven.

Our friend Joel loves food as much as we do. 
Anytime we get together, 
we geek out about different places we love. 

Since last summer, 
he's been talking up something called "Brunchlox". 

His friends invite friends over.
(sometimes over 100-200 show up!) 
They pick a theme. 
Spin house music.

Cook AMAZING food. 

It's like Friendsgiving every month.
It just so happened that we got to go with him last weekend. 

I almost cried. 
I ate my weight in food. 
(and then almost threw up. seriously). 
And then took a nap when we got home
(something I never do). 

Enjoy the food pics! Don't be too jealous! 

Cindy had been cooking bread for days...
it was delicious! 

I don't remember the story behind how Karl 
got hooked up with Gusto meats, 
but they sponsored. 
This is 25 lbs of bacon. 
Whoa buddy. 

Bacon and Onion Mac-N-Cheese.
Usually, I'm not a big mac-n-cheese person. 
But I went back for seconds 
(and thirds, don't tell!)

My contribution, 
pretty self-explanatory from the pic :-) 
Thanks Momma B for this awesome and easy dip recipe! 
It was a hit.

Pork, Chicken Terrine and Picked Herring.
So good! 

Sandwich spread. 

Venison stew. 
Oh me, oh my. 

This is me on my second bowl of stew. 
With so many options, 
going back for seconds on soup 
(or anything for that matter)
is a big deal. 

I may have named it "My Precious". 
Hands down favorite of the day. 

One of my fav shots of Joel. 
He was smart and kept his fork...
he also got super photo-bombed in this pic. 

Please excuse the noisy bw photo. 
If you don't know what photo "noise" is...
see all those dots? 
That's noise. 
Bad photo work. 
But I was food drunk, 
no shame in that. 

Oh, and this is Bella, their pup. 
Bella also loves Brunchlox
because there are millions of people 
to play ball with. 

No joke, she bashes a tennis ball 
against your leg until you throw it.

And finally, it was pretty snowy on Sunday. 
Which meant there were about 200 shoes in their entryway.
I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment 
when searching for my duck-snowboots. 
They were found though. :-)

All in all, 
hands down, 
best day I've had in a while. 

And thanks to Cindy and Karl for hosting 
and Karl and Joel for some stolen photos. 

Can't wait til next month! 

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