Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scenes from life lately....

I love this time of year. 
Although it's a bit sad because the holidays are over and it's cold,
It's the perfect time to snuggle in or play in the snow. 

Here's just a bit from my camera the past couple of weeks!

Coming back from Christmas Break
We went a little crazy at Sam's club.
Good thing I put the giant rolls of paper towels back. 
Jax was not amused with this arrangement.

I went down to Indy to celebrate my awesome friend Molly's Bday. 
Here's her sweet dog Zoey :-) 

Molly and I also got festive disco ball manicures. 
Mine lasted a day and a half :-) 


And we set up a bday photobooth, 
which as so much fun.
You can find more pictures here.

Jax looking like a sweet boy. 
He's probably trying to trick us into giving him a treat. 
He's pretty good at that. 

When I was in Indy, 
we went to a great Belgian restaurant. 
I tried Carbonnade Flamande for the first time. 
Perfect winter soup. 

Oh yeah, and did you hear it snowed in Chicago? 
First snow angel of the season. 

 Happy Winter!

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