Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quiet wkd.

As you know, Anthony is in NYC this weekend. 
You've probably already guessed that 
I drank a lot of whiskey and ate a lot of pizza. 
Which I did. 
And not just any pizza, 
but a party pizza. hahaha,.

I just couldn't help myself**. 

I also had some friends over to make Pinterest crafts. 

It's funny, in doing so, I really embraced being a Bowers. 
And what I mean by that is, 
there were 5 people (all women)
and I cooked for 12 men :-) 
Somehow, I was still worried there wouldn't be enough food. 

It's ok though, 
because now I'm going to be really popular at work tomorrow
with leftover lasagna (pizza lasagna, no surprise). 

Oh, and these mini pretzel bites stole the show. 
They're super easy too! 

Even the pups got some Pinterest craft love. 
Check out Riley Dog in his new headband :-) 

As the weekend winds to a close, 
I'm snuggled in, nursing an ear infection, 
(who knows where that came from)
drinking mom's hot chocolate 
and watching the Golden Globes. 

Hell ya weekend, you rocked. 

**Did you notice how I snuck in the Instyle? 
That was my "I like some fashionish mags, not just trashy ones" move. 
Maybe throwing in the Economist would be more effective. Ha.

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jess hanebury said...

wait, are there going to be delicious leftovers at work tomorrow?