Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Bittersweet Birthday

I'm not one to get sad when my birthday rolls around each year.

I don't declare it "birthday week" either* though. 

The one constant on that day the past 31 years? 
Sharing it with one of my favorite people

Don't get me wrong. 
I'm happy, have a great job, family and friends. 
I'm doing pretty well out here in Philly. 

and it feels lonely knowing we won't 
talk and laugh together on our shared day. 

I know you're smiling down at me and sending *hugs*
Happy Birthday and I miss you. 
So much. 

***To any friends who do "birthday week",  I'm not judging in the slightest. 
I love celebrating with you! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Meet my awesome friends
Colleen and Jon. 

As you can tell from the pic, 
they got married. 
(And looked pretty darn great doing so)

Colleen and I worked together at Threadless, 
and I do say we are such kindred spirits. 

Anth and I were already excited 
to spend a weekend celebrating their love....
and then we found out they booked 
a camp on a lake for the festivities. 

Archery, Rope Swings, Tree Houses, Oh my! 

Seriously, it could not have been a better weekend. 

So prepare yourself for a photo dump. 
Some are from friends (credited)....
because when you get a lot of creative people 
together who all love photography, 
every second will be documented. :-) 

 Our sweet digs for the weekend. 

With this B.A. view. 

 When we were not dancing the night away, 
we spent most of the time on the rope swing.

There were fog machines, 
bike lights for night time 
(that made it feel like Space Mountain)
and always someone to cheer you on. 

Seriously, I could not stay off that thing. 

Lots of good lake time with friends = on happy girl. 

One of my favorite photographers right now is Paul Octavious
Who also happens to be a Threadfriend....
he photoed the wedding and I can't wait to see these pics. 

Here are two sniped from his Instagram feed.! 

My friend Jess was also the "camp director" for the weekend. 
Which included a lot of bullhorns, directions and prize giving. 
Basically what she does best. 

She also had everyone give marriage advice to C&J, 
made them an "advent calendar" from the responses 
to open leading up to the wedding, 
and then posted the advice on trees around camp. 

Mine read: 
What's something Jon should know about Colleen? 
If ever Colleen is sad, bring her cheese. 
If ever Colleen is upset, bring her cheese. 
If ever Colleen is attempting a Cheese Challenge
(that's when she tries to give up cheese for a month), 
bring her wine. 

Oh yeah, and there was karaoke. 
Here's Colleen singing to her man. 

Did I mention the late night taco truck, 
fire the size of my car and the fact 
that they rode to the reception on a tandem bike? 

If you're thinking that they had a dream wedding, 
you're correct, it was. 
What I loved the most though, 
is that is was so them. 

Nothing was for show or pictures or because Pinterest said so. 
I was totally things they loved that were special to them. 

My hope now is that they have a vow renewal ceremony next year....
so ready to go back :-) 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Someday somebody's going to ask you...*

5 years ago this weekend, 
I said yes to a once in a lifetime question. 

I'm not really big on anniversaries of this day or that, 
but here and there I'll get a wash of emotion
of how proud I am to be married to this guy. 

Today was just one of those days. 

Anth, I love ya. 
Today and Always. 

*one of the best proposal songs EVER,  by Old 97s.