Monday, November 25, 2013

Here's a surprise corndog I bought for you...

...because you're my friend. 
(and other happy things). 

1. My brother and sis recently had a baby. 
Talk about happy times. 

We get to go meet Ryker over Christmas. 

I also recently got a promotion at work. 
Yay to a new jobby job! 
I feel so blessed to have found (another!) 
great work environment with kickass people. 
What a lucky duck I am. 

And also, Kid President. 

Such great advice. 
(someone bring me a corndog!)
Oh, and he and Threadless did a challenge a while back. 

Threadless, I will always love you. 

Finally, two days until Thanksgiving! 
We're packing up the pup
and headed to DC.
It's so great living close to Jamey, Kate and the kids.

What's on your list this week?
Any fun Thanksgiving traditions you're looking forward to?
I always want to start holiday traditions,
but then I get way too into the food part and lose focus.
Oops. :-)