Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Cheer

What a great holiday season it's been. 
I've always loved spending time 
with family during the holidays,
but now that we're far away, 
both Anthony and I (and JDog), 
really cherish any family time we get. 

We're pretty stoked having Jamey, Kate and the kids
so close now (they're in DC)...
and we hit the dusty trail last weekend 
to spend the holiday with them. 

Here are some pics from our weekend! 

JDog quickly making himself at home...
and Weber isn't so sure what he thinks about this. 

HUGE thanks to Jamey and Kate for letting him 
snuggle in for the weekend with us :-) 

Lindsey and Lucy

Hoosiers and Hot Chocolate

A very attentive audience. 

There was also lots of great snuggling going on....
Jax just couldn't help himself. 

Christmas Eve....

Lindsey and Nick are two of the coolest kids ever. 
I'm not partial, I swear :-) 

Shoe twins.

And photodogbombs. 

Nick was super excited that his new 
globe had South Sudan. 

When in doubt, 
two ducks is always better than 1 duck. 

Nothing says dedication like grilling in the rain! 

Christmas dinner. 

 What a great trip...
I can't wait to go back! 

Merry Christmas everyone! 
(a little late)

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