Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy snowy weekend!

Just a little update on us kids in Philly. 
And Jdogs, of course. 
What's a hotdog blog without a Jdog mention? 

even though it's been cold and windy out,
there has been tons to be happy about this week.

1. Soup Suppers
Anthony has been a bit under the weather this week
and we decided soup was definitely in order. 
(plus it hasn't been over 20 degrees!)

He "randomly" threw this together.
I think I ate 3 bowls. 
Oh man, he's a great cook. 

2. Library books. 
It always seems to take me a while in a new city 
to figure out (and remember) that libraries exist. 
Mainly I attribute this to laziness...
and that Barnes & Noble has Rice Krispie treats and trashy mags.  


This week, while in line with a $30 bookat B&N, 
I (almost literally) slapped my forehead...
The library is a block from my house! 
What the heck was I doing?!
Hurray for speedy holds and new books. 

 3. Catching the train. 
Yesterday, the snow finally came. 
Because of this, I made the executive decision 
to take the train home and leave the car for the weekend. 
Turns out, everyone else in PA had the same idea, 
so the usually deserted parking lot was packed. 

As the train rolled up, I was still parking 
and was across a bridge from the station. 
I immediately got grumpy knowing 
the next train didn't arrive for 30 min. 

I about gave up as I was crossing the bridge 
and then realized the train hadn't left yet.
(normally they stay a max of 45 seconds) 

I yelled, 
"Can you wait...please?!" to the conductor outside.  
He replied with a yell down the line...

"Hold the train!"

For reals. 
I sprinted across a parking lot and jumped on. 
I smiled for 10 minutes straight.
I'm such a lucky duck sometimes. 

4. Random awkward encounters. 
My friend Claire very excitedly 
came back from the restroom during happy hour last night 
with this eucalyptus bouquet she had found outside the door. 

I mean, usually one only finds 
wounded soldiers outside this was a treasure. 
I quickly made her a crown to celebrate her awesomeness. 
And good thing I did because....

10 minutes into holding said bouquet, a girl approaches. 

"Ummm hi.... I like your crown."
"By the way, my friend left that bouquet 
outside the bathroom and wants it back"

At least she had her crown. 

 5. And Jax, of course. 
Being a city dog has it's ups and downs. 

Watching squirrels and passerbys 
from a 3rd floor balcony. 

No where to really run. 
Sometimes we get lucky and find secret spots 
to let him sprint til he can't sprint any more. 


Happy dog? 
I think so. 

Have a great weekend, ya'll! 

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