Sunday, February 10, 2013


Getting itchy to run another marathon. 

I'm scared this time around
will be much more difficult.

1. Before, when it was all new, 
I had the attitude of 
"wow! I just ran 20 miles!
I've never done that before!"
Now, I'm thinking, 
"Shit, that really I want to do it again?"

2. Running for my grandma Carole was great motivation. 
Anytime you do something for someone else, 
it's much better than for yourself.

Yes, I can run for ALS again, 
but that means I'll again 
be bugging all you fine people for dough...
which I don't like to do. 

3. Tony-tone trained up to 16 mile point with me last time. 
Up until his injury, 
I had a running buddy 
at 6am on Saturdays for 15 milers. 
I don't know if JDog would be up for the challenge
(or if I could risk his little puppy heart
 running him more than 8 miles). 

For those of you have have done more than one,
what are your thoughts?
Was training and crossing the finish line still worth the pain? 

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betsyboo said...

I have never run for a cause and I feel guilty. Having a buddy or group is always good for motivation, even if it's just for 1-2 runs a week. My last one I ran much much less than marathons past in training, and focused just as much on strength training and other cardio as I did running. That kept me from getting burned out and kept me healthy.