Monday, September 28, 2015

Cheers to 34!

This weekend was full of love. 
Full of laughter. 
Full of joy for the year to come
and celebrating another year gone. 

I spent most of the weekend downtown. 
Since the Pope was in town, 
all roads were closed in and around Philly. 

It turned the city into a surreal urban paradise. 
It really was amazing running and biking around the streets. 
I read this great article and couldn't agree more. 
Pope drugs? Yes, Pope drugs. 
And they made us all better humans. 

Also, being that I'm in the middle of Philly Marathon training, 
it was the perfect opportunity to sneak in 
a long run on Saturday with friends. 

Luckily for Amanda and I, 
Gary was given selfie stick arms and could snap this
kickass shot of our 18 miler. 

Long runs are so much better with friends. 

They're also made better with finish lines 
at Beiler's Donuts. 

And we found $20 on the ground to pay for our breakfast! 

And more from downtown....
Pope dogs! 

So much blue! 

After running 'til I couldn't feel my legs
and filling my belly, 
I headed home to rest and relax. 

JDog had no interest in reading. 
Or letting me read. 

Oh, and I know I'm late to the game, 
but if you haven't read 
All the Light We Cannot See, 
go pick it up today. 
Heartbreaking but so beautiful. 

On Sunday, 
we headed back downtown to watch football and see mass.
And again, be so giddy about the lack of cars and noise. 

Honking was replaced with laughter. 
Yelling was replaced by small groups singing together. 


See that fountain way back in the back? 
We weren't even that close. 
For reals. 


Regardless of being far away, it was so worth it. 
Eucharistic ministers walked all the way back
to where we were to hand out communion. 

Also amazing? 
I think the Pope kissed all the babies in the crowd. 
And kids. 

 Here's me with the Pope! 

And finally, 
trekking through the quiet streets one last time. 

So Good. 
So Full. 
So Loved. 
Cheers to 34!