Monday, October 29, 2012

Scenes from Sandy...

 We've been flooded (haha) with well wishes*** 
from our Midwestern family and friends
about Sandy, the Frankenstorm. 

In all honesty though, 
things are pretty quiet 'round these parts. 

Here are some pics from the eye of the storm! 

Hurricane home office. 
Yep, I worked from home today. 
And yes, Threadfriends, 
I'm still happily bouncing on the ball/deskchair.

The sky was eerily white all day. 


This guy took advantage of us both being at home
and creeped around whenever possible. 

That is, until he got super sleepy
and decided to snuggle in with his teddy bear. 
Ha. Scaredy dog. 

And here's a view of our street. 
Yup, nothing much to report. 

Unless you count this plant that fell over. 

 But as far as I know, 
it happened before Sandy. 

Now we're just hunkering down, 
waiting for the flooding to pass, 
and dancing around the house to Roger Miller

It's been a pretty good day. 

Happy Hurricane East Coasters! 
Stay Safe! 
(and drink whiskey)

**A couple of friends sent along
"That's what you get for moving away messages"  
I miss you, Chicago friends. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to....

prepare for a Hurricane. 
or Nor'Easter...

(I still don't know the difference)

Berries, berries and more berries! 

Momma B's All-Berry Pie
and the Capt'n's Crunch :-) 

Also, make sure to have lots
of beers and water ready, 
just in case. 

Batten down the hatches! 

Oh, and in case you are wondering, 
no, I'm not reading scripture while cooking. 
Well, dare I say that The Joy of Cooking
is the kitchen Bible? :-) 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy fall!

Just a quick happy list 
for those of you keeping track...
(thanks for reading, mom!) 

1. I started work at QVC this week, 
and so far, it's really great. 
More on that soon! 

2. Sundays with the hubs. 

Anth and I are both super busy now. 
Sunday has become our day to 
hang out and unwind from the week. 

Today we got out of the city, 
kicked around a soccer ball, 
drank tall boys, 
and hiked around trails. 

And although I spent 5 years playing soccer, 
I was reminded today that 
my soccer skills are still pretty craptastic. 

My soccer-style photo posing skills though? 

How about you? 
What's topping your list for the week? 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happiness is....

Two things this week. 

1. Donut Gods

Today I went to check out Federal Donuts' new location.
(happily only 4 blocks from our house)

If that wasn't reason enough to be happy, 
here's one more. 

I ordered two donuts. 
I got these two bags of donuts. 

You can't tell from the pic, 
but there is a dozen in there. 

When I told the guy I only ordered 2, 
he kindly responded, 
"Did they accidently charge you for 12?"
"It's okay, take them, our mistake"
Oh man. 
I happily skipped away with my two bags of donuts
and made some new friends in Rittenhouse Square. 

(and now my belly hurts from scarfing 4 of them in 10 seconds)

2. J-O-B
Everyone who knows me 
already knows that I got a job Monday. 
When I got back from the donut madness, 
my welcome packet was waiting for me.