Monday, October 29, 2012

Scenes from Sandy...

 We've been flooded (haha) with well wishes*** 
from our Midwestern family and friends
about Sandy, the Frankenstorm. 

In all honesty though, 
things are pretty quiet 'round these parts. 

Here are some pics from the eye of the storm! 

Hurricane home office. 
Yep, I worked from home today. 
And yes, Threadfriends, 
I'm still happily bouncing on the ball/deskchair.

The sky was eerily white all day. 


This guy took advantage of us both being at home
and creeped around whenever possible. 

That is, until he got super sleepy
and decided to snuggle in with his teddy bear. 
Ha. Scaredy dog. 

And here's a view of our street. 
Yup, nothing much to report. 

Unless you count this plant that fell over. 

 But as far as I know, 
it happened before Sandy. 

Now we're just hunkering down, 
waiting for the flooding to pass, 
and dancing around the house to Roger Miller

It's been a pretty good day. 

Happy Hurricane East Coasters! 
Stay Safe! 
(and drink whiskey)

**A couple of friends sent along
"That's what you get for moving away messages"  
I miss you, Chicago friends. 

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