Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scenes from the weekend...

....two weekends actually :-) 
I've been so busy with work and fam, 
I haven't had time to blog! 

Well, more accurately, 
I've spent my spare time 
hanging with the hubs, pup and a Manhattan. 

Either way, 
here's what we've been up to lately! 

I went as Dora the Explorer, 
and Tony was a cowboy
(two years in a row) 

I have to admit, 
Anth looks pretty great as a cowboy. 
So much so it made me want to run down 
to Texas and buy a farm. 

Oh, and the green lighting
and random farm gear? 
File under #thingsfoundatanartparty :-)

Also, this past weekend, 
my parents came to Philly for a visit. 
It was so great to see their smiling faces! 

We took a tour of my new jobby job. 
Mom wasn't excited at all ;-) 

Dad on the other hand? 
Super pumped. 

 Mom and I took the pup up the Rocky steps. 
He obviously sees another dog in this shot....

We stopped by our fav local bar to watch the ND game. 

 My dad, the waiter. 

And mom with the photobomb win. 

(can you tell how happy I am about shake shack?!)

Yay family! 
Yay costumes! 
Yay yay! 

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