Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy fall!

Just a quick happy list 
for those of you keeping track...
(thanks for reading, mom!) 

1. I started work at QVC this week, 
and so far, it's really great. 
More on that soon! 

2. Sundays with the hubs. 

Anth and I are both super busy now. 
Sunday has become our day to 
hang out and unwind from the week. 

Today we got out of the city, 
kicked around a soccer ball, 
drank tall boys, 
and hiked around trails. 

And although I spent 5 years playing soccer, 
I was reminded today that 
my soccer skills are still pretty craptastic. 

My soccer-style photo posing skills though? 

How about you? 
What's topping your list for the week? 

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