Sunday, January 13, 2013

Les Poissons!

Yesterday I came back from a great run 
to find a note from the hubs: 

*For the record, the only thing I ever really want 

A little backstory. 

Anth and I had spent the morning watching PBS cooking shows
(a great start to Saturday, if you ask me)...
and the Asian grocery store may be 
one of his favorite places on Earth. 
For reals. 

So I waited patiently for him to come back, 
not knowing what would catch his fancy. 

Little did I know....

Les Poissons!

Yep, that's right, fish! 

Whole ones! 

And squiddies! 
Which, by the way, are much better at home. 

Sorry fish, 
you're too delicious to let swim away. 

And of course, 
I had to reenact my favorite part 
of the Little Mermaid song. 

"First I cut off their heads, 
and I pull out their bones!" 

 Thank God my hubs loves to cook...
and indulges me when I want to take pictures like this one.   

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