Monday, July 30, 2012

Scenes from life lately...

Being that it's summer 
and our time in Chicago is winding down, 
we've been super busy with 
friends, family, and fun. 

Here are some pics to prove it! :-) 

 Anth and I at Ruxbin
Maybe my favorite meal I've had in Chicago. 
For reals.


And it's a BYOB. 
One of the things I'll really miss about Chicago.

It was our official 
"we bought a house!" dinner. 

Gules and I at the Shedd.
We went for the Jazz, 
but stayed for the toys. 
Somethings don't change.

We also recently went home to my parents house. 

This gorgeous view is the sky 
outside my friend Lindsay's house. 

I wasn't jealous at all. 
I swear ;-)

While there, we stopped by 
my brother and sis's yard sale. 

Not sure why no one was buying this bean bag chair. 
It would have been perfect for gaming. 

Anthony tried on most of the clothes. 
At once.

He might have 4 shirts on in this picture. 
 My grandparents farm.

Lunch at the Gerst Haus
with my grandpa, aunt and mom! 

Easily one of my fav Evansville spots. 

Summer in the south
means 48 ears of sweet corn. 

And finally, some champagne to celebrate 
the official take over of the entire house! 

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