Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy House

So what's making me happy this week?! 

For those of you who see me often, 
you know Anthony and I have been involved
in a tireless process of moving out the tenant 
living in the first floor of our house. 

The moving truck showed up Saturday morning
(after another sleepless night filled 
with loud rap and a crying child)... 

Champaign was popped. 
Happy dances were danced.
Jax even found some very questionable 
treats for himself on the floor. 

The place may be filled with junk and muck
and we've got so much to do,  
but it doesn't matter
because it finally feels like our home. 

Along with that, 
we also just found a place to live in Philly! 
So many prayers answered. 


Now to find a job as awesome 
as the one I have at Threadless. 

Baby steps :-) 

1 comment:

betsyboo said...

Yay yay yay! So excited for you guys! I know this hasn't been easy.