Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eat your heart out....

My friend Jen's birthday was last week.

Jen and I have climbed mountains in Colorado,
built churches in Mexico,
and she stood next to me at the wedding
as my maid of honor.

Needless to say,
she's a pretty special lady in my life.

And somehow the stars always seem to align
for us to celebrate her bday together.

Knowing that the weekend would be filled with friends, food & folly,
we decided to start with a workout.

5 miles at 5am? Sure, why not.

I had all of my old streets to myself,
I could hear my ipod (no trains or trucks!),
and even the hills were enjoyable.

It was the best run I had had in a while.

And other than for training reasons,
I ran because I knew the amount of food
I wanted to consume that day.

You know how it goes when you head back to your alma-mater...
not only do you visit old friends,
but also favorite restaurants.

Jen and I counted up the places
I ate food at in the 27 hours after I ran Friday.

The upcoming list is a tad bit embarrassing,
but I'm also kinda proud of it.

Village Deli
Upland Brewery
Alley (just peanuts!)
Pizza Express
Penn Station
Red Mango

Those of you who went to IU understand, right?!


It got so bad that there was even a song made up
about how after every single thing I did,
I ate another meal.


Happy Birthday Jen! I love ya!

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