Monday, June 6, 2011

Here comes the sun.....

As of Friday afternoon,
I had nothing big planned for my weekend.

When this happens during the blustery winter,
I usually spend my time watching movies and cooking.....

but now that it's summer,
the possibilities seem endless.

Friday night Anthony and I did an
impromptu bar crawl around our neighborhood.

Somehow we have lucked out,
because within a 5 minute walk of our place
new, awesome, amazing places just keep popping up.
What a hidden gem Chicago Avenue is!


Saturday started as all good Saturdays do,
a trip to the dog park with J-Dog.

And it's also good because Jax doesn't move
from this position for the rest of the day.

Later that day, I met some friends to see

If you like fashion, photography, or just endearing old fellows,
I highly recommend it.

And nothing says carefree summer like a friendly
(and sometimes not so friendly)
game of Trouble, Scrabble, or Battleship at Gutheries.
(yes, "Board Game Bars" exist and are fabulous).

However, I don't recommend playing Scrabble after a couple of drinks.

You will end up with words such as "Czarjinaed":
(while poorly misspelled) is a term for a high-level Russian official
trying to emulate a trend Jennifer Love-Hewitt seemingly started.

It was decided that if "qi" is a scorable word,
then so is Czarjinaed. hahahaha.

Sunday 9am.
Hurray for Nadal!!!

And if you too find yourself with a free Sunday,
I recommend a mix of the following:

Museum of Science and Industry
Giant Steaks (thanks Kara!)

All in all just a lovely, wonderful, perfect weekend.

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