Thursday, July 7, 2011


You know how some days are just good?
All through the day it just feels right?

I had a day like that today.

Maybe it was the PR on my run this morning.
Maybe it the coconut water in the am.
Thanks Lacey for tuning me into nature's gatorade,
I am now obsessed!

Maybe it was my co-workers and their extra wings at lunch...

Or the happy hour/Pitchfork ticket giveaway at work

Maybe it is because I have a job
that I really, really, really like....

and we have our own delicious beer on tap for Thursday afternoons.

Or maybe it is because our softball team
almost won a game (extra innings!);

and the after game drinks made us feel like champions.

Or maybe because Anthony got some great news at work?


Or maybe it's because I'm just really happy and content right now.

Chicago is good.

Summer is good.

I am a lucky, lucky girl and am very blessed.

Life is good.

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