Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Snappy

After a bit of radio silence, 
aka using every bit of elbow grease I have in me
to clean, paint, fix up our new place....
I'm back with a happy list! 

1. Bouncy chair

My friend Betsy recently purchased 
an exercise ball to use as her desk chair at work. 
After having hip probs for about 3 months, 
I borrowed it one day and fell in love. 

I've been sitting on mine now for 2 weeks 
and my legs/hips/booty feel so much better! 
And it's fun! :-)

2. Wedding fun. 

Our friends Sam and Ashley got married this past weekend. 
Not only was the weekend filled with merriment, 
but with friends from around the country, 
deserted beaches, bonefires and camp-like cabins. 

 (thanks to Amber for the photos!)

Michigan in the summer
makes me want to save every penny I have
and buy a lake house.
For reals.

I think it's the most relaxed we've been in 4 months.

:-) Yay! 
What's on your list this week?

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