Sunday, December 15, 2013

God damn it, you've got to be kind.

How was your weekend?
Anth had finals all weekend at school
 and I was lucky and got to listen in on his critique.
I have to say, my heart swelled with pride listening
to his professors talk about his work.
We celebrated his semester with
great Chinesse take-out and delicious beers.

All in all, yesterday was just a really really good day.

So cheers to the weekend and spending time
with loved ones doing the things you enjoy.
Along with that,
I saw a TON of great links
around the interwebs this week,
most of which focus on kindness.
Is it just me or is kindness the new happiness
in regards to "This is what you should do..." articles
that circulate around the net?

I have to say though,
I think the idea of focusing outside yourself
and being kind is more important than trying to be happy.
Just my opinion.
(I swear I didn't get misty).
Whether it be Myers Briggs (INTP), Enneagram (9) or just horoscope based (Libra), I'm always curious about personality tests.
I thought this new one was pretty spot on although short.
and other important lessons.
but I would still happily go.
Because who is perfect?

and Amy Poehler Christmas Caroling.
Because Christmas is magical and so is AP.
xoxo friends.

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Elizabeth Cundiff said...

Kindness is magic. Check out Derek on Netflix. :)