Sunday, April 22, 2012


In the last 36 hours....
The apartment has been packed.
We've celebrated 2 birthdays, 
1 bouncy and 1 boozy
 (so much fun, I'm in the red!)
2 very successful trips to Half Price Books
(4 giant bins, 4 giant boxes)
 12 loads of laundry. 
1 trip to Buffalo Exchange. 

Cue exhaustion.


I did take some time to take a couple of pics...enjoy! 

JDog enjoyed playing dress-up 
with a bunch of my old Sass costumes. 

He also made sure to park himself 
in the middle of wherever I needed to be.

My dear friend Heather painted these in grade school. 
They've been sneakily passed around for years. 
Who's next ladies?! 

Moving means Coinstar trips. Yay! 

One of my drinks last night
included a slingshot and an ice ball. 
The booze was inside...
Best (and most expensive) Old Fashioned, ever. 

Oh man. So tired. 
Also super sad we couldn't make it to Evansville this wkd
for my niece Ellyson's baptism. 
Thinking of trying to fit a 12 hour drive, baptism and party 
into this weekend though, makes me even more sleepy.

How was your wkd?!

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