Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Dab'll Do Ya....

A couple weeks ago I took my first class at Dabble
For those of you who don't know about Dabble, 
it's just like it sounds. 

The class meets only one time, 
is pretty inexpensive, 
and you get to "dabble" in something you're curious about. 

 Pasta Making. 
Of course it was food related :-) 

Here are some pics from the night!  
I definitely wanted to take more, 
but my hands got all goopy 
and I was caught up in the cooking! 

The pasta reminded me a lot of my great-grandma's
recipe for home made noodles, 
which is always a plus. 

It was also a lot faster than I expected
and would be really fun for holidays. 

All in all, 
the class really exceeded my expectations. 
The teacher was super helpful and knowledgeable,
the class size was small, 
I walked away with recipes I could easily use
and the food was great! 

What would you Dabble in?
They've definitely got a little of everything!
Since my last adventure with tamale making was a dismal, 
I'm thinking of trying that next!


Taylor Curran said...

Ashley and I have been talking about how much we want to take fun classes, but everything was always too intense/expensive. This looks perfect!

sell my house said...

The holidays fun about food is intersting.The post Hot Dog on a Cold night post is wonderful.