Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy weekend!

So many things making me happy this week! 

1. A Happy Monday. 
Returning to work after a great vacation is difficult. 
However, I returned to a Protein Bar breakfast, 
an Easter egg hunt, 
and a sweet gift from my lovely friend Colleen. 

9am on Monday never looked so good! 

2. Internet happiness. 
 I'm sure all of you have seen this video. 
Caine's Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

I'm sharing it anyway. 
So joyous. 
 And also Texts From Dog. 
So so so so funny. 

3. Party Time!
This weekend is my sister Kara's Bachelorette Party in Chicago. 

I am so excited!

Happy Week! Happy Weekend! 
Happy Birthday Kara! Happy Bachelorette Kara!

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