Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scenes from the weekend....

First rule of moving? 
Pack booze last. 

Well, more importantly, have booze handy
throughout entire move. 

These shoes have moved me 6 times! 

Good tunes are a must.

Between Prizzy, seeing a friends band,
and impromptu St. Lunatics dance parties in the car, 
we did pretty well this weekend music-wise.

High brow and low brow reading at the Bowers house. 

Jax in the labyrinth of boxes. 

Moving also means eating out. A ton. 
Taco bell, sushi, pizza, Chinese, hotdogs. 
Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh.

To get to Taco Bell though, 
I had to go to my most hated spot in Chicago;
the Fullerton, Damen, Eltson cross.

Ugh. So annoyed.
Those of you in Chicago unfortunately know 
exactly where I'm talking about. 

The return of cinnamon rolls! 
I've been saving them in the freeze just for the occasion! 

Because of the stress of moving
(and feeling like crap from above foods), 
I ran on the lake for the first time in a while. 

Only bummer of running on the lake on Sunday?
Chick-Fil-A (on my way home) is closed Sundays.
Post run chicken minis are the best.

Also good though?
Post run China Town trips! 

Which is where I remembered that I was born
in the year of the rooster.

Did somebody say chicken?!

This weekend was very filled
with ton of Arrested Development while packing.
Thank God for Netflix.

How was your wkd?!

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