Saturday, April 28, 2012


It's been a stressful week to say the least. 
Making me happy though? 

1. The hubs.
Not only is he calm and collected as we're moving 
and dealing with an annoying theft
(catalytic converter...again), 
but he's just randomly hilarious. 

Out of the blue today 
he pointed at his coffee and yelled to it
"Cool down!"

I love him so. 

2. Being a regular.
Last night we went out for sushi at our fav spot, Yuzu
If you haven't been there, go today. 

Other than their sushi making me happy, 
somehow the last 5 times we've been, 
no matter how packed it is, 
we always get a spot at the bar. 

 (Thanks to Chicago Gourmet for the awesome pic!) 

Sitting at the bar is great
because you are basically are in the kitchen. 
Watching an amazing chef cook is such a treat. 

Chef Yut Vong always laughs to himself
watching Anth and I because 
we get so excited about the food.
Other perk of being at the bar? 
Tasty samples from the chef.  
Oh man. Love everything about that place. 

3. Trivia. 
The Threadfriends that I play with 
at Cleo's got 2nd place this week. 
Little to our knowledge, it won us 100 smackers. 
In the words of Joey Lawerence, 
 (yeah, I went there) 

4. Jason Leonard's photo blog of his daughters. 
The photos are so creative and fun. 

Check it'll put a smile on your face.
How was your week? :-)  

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