Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy trails to you....

A little late, 
but making me happy last week....

1. Hiking
"Wow, Kim and Anthony must be sleeping 
in late today, they're so quiet!" 
Mom and Dad B thought to themselves....

Actually I had convinced husband 
to wake up super early and hike. 

Being that we were surrounded by mountains for 9 days, 
I spent every possible moment outside. 


Luckily for me, I've got a husband 
who likes being outside as much as I do. 

Hurray for sun therapy!

2. Real Green Chilies...and on a hot dog.  
My Aunt Dori lived in Albuquerque for 30 years
and we talk about true green chilies all the time.

We've mailed her dried ones, 
she's tried to grow them
in the Southern Indiana's moderate temps,
(once even spraining her wrist to save the seedlings!), 
but never are they as good as the real thing. 

Oh! And there was bacon too. 
Maybe the best hot dog ever.
I thought of her with every bite! 

3. And family. 
Spending a week of vacation with Momma and Poppa B
was truly awesome and so restorative. 

We stayed up late playing cards,
made big life decisions, drank beer at lunch, 
and explored gardens, lakes, zoos and mountains. 

The only crappy part*? 


I'll post more vacation pictures soon!

*Husband and I didn't plan this pose. 
The fact that neither of us 
has our eyes open or is smiling, 
absolutely cracks me up.

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