Friday, April 6, 2012

The Amazing Race

On our last day in San Fran, 
husband and I woke up early. 
(time changes are fun)

Rather than bumming around the city another day, 
we decided to rent a car and drive to Muir Woods
before our afternoon flight. 

Not surprising to people who know us well, 
we found a random
"rent other people's cars for a couple of hours"
site that gave us a Mini Cooper for $15 buck for the morning. 

Not two minutes after booking did someone call 
and say it was in the shop....
but they  had a great '95 Carolla for dirt cheap.
Cheaper than $15 bucks? Awesome. 

Being that we had driven across the country in a Carolla
when we first began dating, it seemed nostalgic and fun. 

We giddily drove 45 min out of the city
into the mountains listening to MJ
with the windows down. 

We got to Muir Woods and it was majestic. 
If you're ever nearby, I strongly suggest the trip. 
It's just nice to be overwhelmed by nature. 

After a couple of hours hiking, 
we knew it was time to head back. 
(still giving us enough time 
for a trip through In-and-Out Burger,
I mean, we were on the West Coast.)

Get back to the car. 
Buckle in. 
Keys in. 

Radio? Lights? Gas? 
All working. 

Car won't turn over. 
Smiles fade. Heart sinks.

After about 10 min of trying everything 
to fix the car, I grabbed my phone. 
No signal. Ha. Figures. 

So I hoofed it to the pay phone. 
After about 15 minutes of holding, 
yes, while Europeans giggled at me on a pay phone, 
I finally connected to someone from the company. 
"Oh, I'm so sorry, we'll send a tow-truck. 
He can probably be there in about 2 hours."
Shit. At this point it was noon. 
In 2 hours, we should be boarding a plane. 

So we made signs. 
After about an hour, 
an awesome couple,
who I chased after in the parking lot, 
said, "Oh yeah, of course we'll take you!"

Along with them and their two kids, 
we jammed ourselves into their vacation. 

He was a race car driver, 
their daughter commented on my hiking outfit, 
and their son poked me with his "icky finger". 
It was hilarious.
Thank God for nice people. 

Once back in the city, 
we hopped in a cab to Oakland 
and made it there right in time to check in. 

Whew. We are two lucky ducks.

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