Thursday, April 28, 2011

A lesson in cause and effect.

I love buffalo sauce.
Anyone who has eaten a meal with me knows this.

"You love buffalo sauce more than anything else,
that's what you should give up for Lent,"
says Anthony

I replied: "Great idea!"
I was thinking: This is going to suck.

But come on, how difficult could it be?

I know I sound ridiculous, but it was hard.

After drooling while friends and family ate
wings, buffalo mac-n-cheese, buffalo chicken pizza,
and actually dreaming of eating wings,
the end was in sight.

As you know, Easter was this past Sunday.

Anthony (nicely) bought me a bottle of buff sauce to celebrate.
(I realize this sounds like I'm going to drink it like champagne,
which I did not do...well...I may have considered it)

Effect of giving up buffalo sauce for 8 weeks:

Sunday Easter Brunch with family - dipped hash browns in buff sauce
(and yes, I got weird looks from the wait staff)
Sunday evening watching Blackhawks - buffalo chicken pizza
Monday dinner - buffalo mac-n-cheese with hot dogs
Tuesday dinner - buffalo chicken fajitas

Eeep. I need to chill out.

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