Monday, April 18, 2011


Random Kim Fact:

When Anthony goes to the studio,
I like to snuggle into my t-shirt quilt,
watch trashy reality tv (usually ANTM),
drink a white russian,

and daydream about camping in the mountains or on the beach...

(photo reblogged from That Kind of Woman, one of my favorite blogs)

doesn't that look just oh so lovely?


Jamey Bowers said...

Nick and I did camp on the beach last Fall on Assateague Island with the scouts. It was cold enough that there weren't any bugs, but warm enough for a game of beach baseball in the afternoon. The kids even collected enough mussels for a hearty appetizer over the camp stove. It was awesome.

Stephanie Higginson said...

Looks good to me! When shall we leave?!?!

Stephanie Higginson said...

Looks fabulous to me! When do we leave??

Kara said...

Jamey- That sounds awesome