Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All dogs (want to) go to heaven...

Being landlocked most of my life,
I never knew dog beaches existed.

But they do. And in Chicago.

For those of you who have met Jax,
you know he loves other dogs.

This place is his heaven.

This is the only photo at the beach I could get with him in it.
He spent 30 minutes sprinting back and forth
refusing to go near Ashley or I.
(for fear we would leave, I'm sure)

And when we did decide to leave,

Jax threw a fit.
A whining, bucking, barking fit.

Let's examine the evidence......
Post dog beach photo #1

Although her appears calm,
Jax realizes we're leaving.
Jax looks sadly at other dogs entering the beach.

Post dog beach photo #2

Jax spies other dogs still playing.
Thinks to himself....
"I should be in there. This is totally unfair."

Post dog beach photo #3

Jax plans his escape.
And escape he did.

Not only did he jump over Ashley and out the door,
but when I caught him,
he managed to slip out of his collar....

and proceeded to run back and forth for 15 minutes,
trying to jump the fence to return to his friends.


I spent the rest of the afternoon
napping happily because my pup didn't run away for good.

Jax spent the rest of the afternoon napping happily
and dreaming of his next trip to the dog beach.

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-L said...

aw, does he swim, too?!