Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The time my grandpa called out a 24-year-old.

Anthony and I went home this past weekend to visit my family....

And it truly was a wonderful weekend.

My niece, Peyton turned 1

She's the cutest baby.
She's the sweetest baby.
She's the best baby.

Yes, I get it, I'm partial.

But if I would be to have a child right now,
I could only hope that she or he would be like this darling little girl.

And watching my baby brother choke up after seeing her take a couple of steps
was one of the most wonderful things I've ever witnessed.


On a completely different note,

Anthony and I both love donuts,
so I took him to my favorite donut shop at home,

The Donut Bank

I definitely got called out by the locals for taking a picture of the donuts.
But they understood when I told them I now lived in Chicago.

"We couldn't live without Donut Bank!"
they exclaimed.

We couldn't either that day....
I think we collectively polished off 8 donuts and a bag of donut holes.


Another reason I love being home
is that there is always tons of family to spend time with.

Take in point, Friday night.

We went to to see a friend of my parents' band
with a my parents/aunts/uncles and grandparents

Yes, I said grandparents.
This is them dancing.
After midnight. Having a blast.
Did I mention that they've been married '57 years?!

My favorite part of the evening
was when my grandpa started laughing at a guy dancing.

"What's so funny?" I ask.
(thinking it's gotta be his crazy calf tattoos)

"He has no rhythm!" he says.


Man, I'm such a lucky girl to have such a fantastic family.

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American in Bath said...

Oh, I do love reading about your adventures. It's been a decade since I've been back. Thanks so much for this.