Thursday, February 24, 2011

Running from the law....

My dear hot dog blog has been missing something lately....

Hot Dogs!

Anthony must have read my mind.
When he picked me up from work today
my camera was already in the car.

We headed over to Felony Franks,
a place I've wanted to try for a year now.

Yes, this is my poor version of a Lindsey Lohan mugshot. :-)

Much like actual felons,
we could have left without paying.

The guy at the counter was too worried about the ladies
(mostly their booties)
who were in front of us in line.

When Anthony tried to pay him,
he had no idea why he handed him a twenty.


And now to the food......

2 Misdemeanor Wieners (each)
Fries and a drink.

Little did we know that each wiener came with it's own set of fries.

The hot dog?
Soggy bun, bland tomatoes, mediocre at best.

The fries?
(and with 4 orders, I was happy!)

Lesson of the day:
Jax should be the one in "jail" while we eat hot dogs.

....more hot dogs coming soon!

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