Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just like Noah and the Ark......

In the Wassmer family, we do important dates in twos.

I share a birthday with my grandma.
My mom shares a birthday with my aunt and uncle's anniversary.
Anthony and I share an anniversary with my aunt.
My grandpa and uncle (his dad).
My sister-in-law and uncle....

and my dad shares a birthday with his parent's anniversary.

Which happens to be today.

(My dad and grandpa)

My father is one of the most positive, genuine people I know.

He taught me to love life,
take setbacks in stride,
treat people with kindness,
and the value of hard work.

He also is much more dedicated than most people I know.
(especially with P90x!)

All these things,
he makes look effortless

Dad, I love you dearly!

Although you always say "Everyday's my birthday",
I hope today is especially "super".

He's also a HUGE Packers fan
so is my niece Peyton!

What a better Birthday gift than a Superbowl win?

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