Saturday, December 1, 2012

Giving thanks....

Last week, Anth, Jax and I 
jumped in the car and drove west for Thanksgiving. 

Since moving to Philly, 
we haven't had much family/friend time. 

So needless to say, 
the 12 hour drive went super fast because
we were both really anxious to get to SB. 

Here are some pics from the great (but fast) weekend! 

Fun with dragon fruit :-) 
Sadly, dragon fruit doesn't taste 
as exotic as you would hope. 

Anytime I hang out with the boys, 
we always play on the iSwap faces app :-) 
This pic though turned out better before the swap. 

I think Lindsey and Ethan's was my fav. 

The Bowers family makes the best spaghetti. 
It's going to probably take me years to master this sauce. 

The first night there, 
the we had a slumber party with the kids. 
What's better at a slumber party
than homemade cinnamon rolls for the next morning? 

Lindsey, TJ, Ethan and I made this recipe

Not only is it super easy and kid friendly, 
but they're really really delicious. 

For those keeping score, yes,
these are the same rolls I made for Anth's bday

I would make them every week if I had the time. 

Oh, and check out Lindsey rocking her Threadless gear too! 

All hands on deck for Thanksgiving dinner! 
Or, more accurately, 
everyone is hustling around because we're all hungry :-) 

Ethan claiming the turkey leg.

Nothing says the holidays like game time.

And after stuffing ourselves silly,
we took some family pics. 

I feel so lucky to have joined this wonderful family! 

 I think I fit in just fine with these goofballs :-) 

Before we knew it, 
it was already time to hop back 
in the car and head east. 

Jax was especially not excited 
to spend 12 hours in his kennel. 
Midway through the trip, 
he got a peanut butter treat. 

Somehow he managed to get ahold 
of the spoon we used to scoop the pb. 
And then proceeded to hold it correctly. 
Look closely and you can see it. 

Anth and I laughed for about 20 might straight. 
Poor guy. 

Happy Thanksgiving kids! 

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