Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Hour

One of my favorite podcasts, 
ends each show with 
"What's making us happy this week".
(my hilarious friend Jess shares my love too!)

I love this idea and am going to try to make it a regular post.

So here goes....
Making me happy this week: 

1. Cards and Candy

Prior to dating Anthony, 
I seriously thought I was good at Rummy. 

Alas, I am not. 
But it's still fun to play, 
and this week I beat him really badly. 
So that's one thing I'm definitely happy about. 

2. Breeeeead (finally) rising from the dead. 

I am terrible at bread making. 
Not once had I had success until Wednesday. 
Maybe it was a Leap Day/Birthday fluke. 

I followed this recipe and it was a huge success! 

Oh, and if you bake them, 
delegate someone to pry them out of your sticky hands 
to take to work, parties, or anywhere out of your home. 

Otherwise you will find yourself 
getting out of bed at 2am to eat cinnamon rolls. 
Seriously. They are that good. 

PS, I halved the recipe and it made 25 rolls. 
That's the danger zone people. 

Yay! Those things, 
are making me super happy this week! 

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