Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Dance

So many things are making me happy this week! 

Here are just a couple :-) 

1. My first Swig n Swap.
What's a Swing n Swap you say? 

Step 1, clean out closet. 

Step 2, bring all old goodies, 
along with drinkies,
to a friend's house with some other wimmens. 
Step 3, trade!
A big thanks to my dear friend Colleen for hosting...
and to all the ladies who got rid of some gems! 

2. Old pictures of the hubs. 
Some day hopefully Anthony and I will be blessed with children. 

Seeing pics like this make me so excited 
to have a miniature version of him running around.

3. No explanation needed

I may have seen it twice. :-) 
So good! 

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