Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Holidays!

What's making me happy this week? 


Since we normally spend a lot time
out of town during the holidays, 
Anthony and I haven't gotten a Christmas tree 
since we've lived together. 

While Anthony was prepping for final crits on Saturday, 
(and I was missing friends and family), 
I decided it was time to perk up and deck the halls. 

Being the prideful, self-sufficient city-lady that I am, 
I hoofed it 8 blocks to pick out a tree, 
threw the 6 footer on my shoulder, 
tied the tree stand to the limbs
and tied the bag of lights to my arm. 

One guess how this turned out. 
In my defense, I made it 7 blocks 
by myself with no problems. 
Well, as long as "no problems" means
many nods and smiles followed by, 
"You sure you got that" from friendly passerbys. 

Then bag with lights broke. 

Thank the heavens for nice neighbors
who insist on carrying your belongings that last one block. 

Can you see how happy I am?! 
Cause I am :-) 


Oh, and what's making JDog happy this week? 

Negligent dog parents. 
While stopping by the studio for a visit, 
Jax discovered (and fell in love with) balloons.  

It was hilarious watching him frolic around
tossing the balloon in the air
before we finally had to take it away. 

:-) Happy Monday! 

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