Saturday, December 22, 2012

Start spreadin' the news....

Last weekend Anth and I took a day trip to NY. 
It really is awesome that it's so close. 

We walked around the Chelsea Market, 
saw a TON of great art and the tree, 
and then (the highlight), 
we headed up to Queens to celebrate 
our friend Felipe's birthday...
and they had a Chilean BBQ and Pisco.

Such a great day. 
One of the best in a long time. 

Here are some pics!  

This is the flatest Flat Iron I've ever seen. 

These dog photos cracked me up. 

As did these cross stitches. 
The Madam would have loved them. 


This past semester, Anth started 
screen printing over post-it notes. 
It was crazy to see someone else doing that...
and with a whole room! 

The Chelsea Market had awesome food;
especially the clam chowder. 


Hands down, my favorite artist 
right now is Mark Bradford
His work is overwhelmingly beautiful, 
feels like a specific place, 

We previously saw his show in Chicago
(see below)

but just happened to stumble upon this one. 
What a great surprise! 

Paz and her Pisco! 
What a great drink! 

Oh, and it was also SantaCon in the city. 
Watching hundreds of drunk Santas
cruising aimlessly around was hilarious. 

And, as always, we sprinted through the city
 to catch our train and made it just in time. 
Just in time for sleepy santas, 

New York is so enchanting, 
especially during the holidays...
can't wait to go back! 


Lora said...

I DO love that embroidery! And you. I'm jealous of NY, because it got to hang with Kim Bowers and I didn't.

Glad you had such an awesome trip!

Lora said...

I DO love that embroidery! And you. I'm jealous that NY got to hang out with Kim Bowers and I didn't.

Glad you guys had such a fun trip!