Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Filly Fun!

Now that we're getting settled in, 
we've had some time to go exploring in Philly. 

Here's the score so far
(in order of importance) 

1. Unpack - check!

Our place is compact, 
(almost no kitchen!)
but everything now has a home...
and it's in a great neighborhood. 

 And yes, 
there is an amp in our fireplace :-)

 Little pieces of Chicago!

2. Get job - working on it :-)   
I've had one phone interview (QVC)
and have another tomorrow (Anthropologie).
Please send prayers, 
cross your fingas, 
think nice thoughts 
about me finding a jobby job. 

3. Find Bears bar - check! 
There is only one in the city. 
it's 4 blocks from our house. 
everyone there was awesome.
Bear Down!

4. Hit up the Italian Market - check! 

For those of you in Chicago, 
the Italian Market is a cross between
the Des Plaines market, Seattle's Pike Place
and then add in tons of meat and cheese.

We were in heaven. 

 Oh and we definitely got a lot of boos
for our Bear's gear. 
The guys in the meat shop 
almost kicked us out ;-)

Soft-shelled crabby sandwich?!
Yes, please! 
Di Bruno's House of Cheese was my fav.
We had to leave quickly
or we would have spent all
of our rent money on cheesy goodies.
I'm not kidding. 

5. Find Rocky stairs and run them - check! 

The cheesesteak count
still sits at zero,
so there will be more posts soon!  


Kara B Engles said...

So glad to see that you're settling in. I'm thinking about you and your job search. Also, thought it was funny, I bought Jamey and Kate a Christmas present from the Di Bruno Bros one year!

Kim Bowers said...

Thanks Bear! And oh man, cheesy gifts are the best!