Friday, September 21, 2012


I've been trying to focus a lot 
on happiness the past week or so. 
How am I doing it? 

1. Before leaving Chicago, 
my friend Betsy
(who is the best running buddy EVER)
I'm only half-way through it, 
but so far, it's been a great read.

2. Happy

This is such an awesome documentary about happiness. 
Watch it today!  

3. Burgers and Cheese Fries. 

Who isn't happy when eating burgers? 
Okay, vegetarians, but other than that? 
Shake Shack is my new fav. 
Pretty much anywhere with crinkle fries 
quickly becomes my favorite :-) 

4. I restarted FNL today. 
I need some Tammy Taylor 
inspiration while job searching. 

I think it was a good idea. ;-)

1 comment:

Have a Little Faith In Me said...

Beautiful list of happy, happy things <3 You always know the best places to start getting happy. Always. Xoxo.