Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dear people of Philly.....

I made this. 
Let's be friends. 

I mixed two recipes
(found here and here)
and it came out superfantasticallydelicious.

It was great over baked potatoes with cheese. 
Also delish in quesadillas, tacos and even eggs. 
(Anth will mix anything with eggs)

Needless to say, 
I'll be making pork booty again soon. 

Anthony was really excited was JDog. 

I think the exact words after the first bite were
"Oh shit, Kim"

Cooking is a lot more fun when he's around. 

A huge shout out also go to Kara and Paul
who got me this cookbook for my bday, 
and Katie who gave the Dr.Pepper Pork recipe rave reviews. 
(no one wants to waste 8lbs of pork on a mediocre recipe!)

Yay! You guys rock!

Now I just need Philly friends to cook for :-)

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