Monday, May 16, 2011

patricians and plebeians come together....

Husband:"I need to eat at an awesome deli,
find me an awesome deli".

Boy, did I deliver.

Manny's deli is very famous
because politicians love to eat there.

Maybe it's because they want us to know they're "just like us"

And by "just like us",
I mean "people who like un-freakin-believably good food".

It's cafeteria-style.
The line moves fast.
Crazy fast.

This is good for people like me who agonize over menus.
I had no time to deliberate.

I heard the pastrami was legendary. (one please!)

I read the the matzo ball soup was to die for. (one please!)

I had never heard of Knish before
and Anthony said I had to have it. (one please!)

And potato pancakes, oh potato pancakes. (one please!)

And then nice guy behind the counter noticed my reservation
about choosing pastrami over corned beef.

So he gave me a little to try because he said "I had to try it".

And now another of my downfalls....


I have so much food,
I don't know where to begin.

The only bummer about this meal was that we spent a ton of money.

However, that could have been because
I had to get one of everything.....

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American in Bath said...

You can't get pastrami here. I love pastrami.