Tuesday, May 17, 2011

home alone.

Anthony is gone for a couple of days for work :-(

Times like this make me I realize how much he helps me out.

For example....

I don't usually eat a whole box
of mac-n-cheese because he splits it with me.

I go running because he reminds me that I haven't worked out
all week and am grumpy because of it.

I turn off Arrested Development
after 1 hour instead of 5.

So yes, as you've guessed,
I'm sitting on the couch,
eating mac-n-cheese,
watching Arrested Development,
while my running shoes gather dust.

Which at first was nice,
but now I'm full and grumpy....

It's time to get off my butt and do something


-L said...

I love this. You made the mac and cheese and TV combo sound amazing. Kraft and "It's Always Sunny", here I come!

American in Bath said...

I was amazed by the Orangic Mac and Cheese now available there. How and when did that happen. Do you rent Anthony out?

Kim Bowers said...

hahahaha, no, he was in Indianapolis for work. Even more exciting than organic is that Target makes a shells buffalo mac-n-cheese....so good!