Monday, May 16, 2011

a gluttonous weekend (part 1)

I think all I did this weekend was eat.
And it was glorious. :-)

Friday, after a night out with friends to celebrate a birthday,
I decided it was time to try Ian's Pizza.

Every slice in the picture is a different type.
No joke.

So I had to ask myself,
"What's better than a piece of pizza at 2am?"

"2 pieces of pizza at 2am"

It was AWESOME, and I will
definitely be back.

Saturday Anthony lured me out of the house
to go look at art...

One of my favorite galleries in Chicago is the Peter Miller Gallery
The docents are always friendly and the work is usually great.
Case in point, Saturday we stumbled
upon a fellow IU grad,Brooks Cashbaugh
and I just love love loved his work.

It was so vibrant and full of life.

This was my favorite piece.

Too bad fellow IU grads don't get "family" discounts.


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