Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scenes from the weekend.

Anthony finished his second semester 
of Grad School last Sunday.

I couldn't be more proud of him 
and how hard he's worked this past year. 

With him being home more, 
it means he's back creating masterpieces in the kitchen. 

Being off for summer break 
also means his weekends are free 
for the first time since we've moved to Philly. 

I couldn't be more excited to hang out with him :-) 

Because of this, 
get ready for a photo bomb 
of pics from the wkd.  

Sorry but not sorry. 
Seriously, you can click out now. 


No? Okay, here goes. 

Friday was First Fridays, 
so we checked out some art. 

In the art world, 
it basically just means the galleries 
show new stuffs on a Friday, 
stay open late and give away booze.

No surprise this weirdo print was my fav. 

We also happened upon
the Paddy's Pub while waiting 
to meet up with some friends.

It was pretty great. 

Saturday morning Anth decided 
to make a clam pasta from Lidia's Cookbook for lunch.

I swear, every recipe of hers is a winner. 

And shucks, 
it was awesoooome. 

Also, to those of you who don't think 
clams in pasta sound good? 

We spent the rest of the afternoon 
down at the Schuylkill reading and napping. 
(Skooo-kill for those not in the know with Philly speak)

And then trekked to a great fancy Mexi dinner.

A HUGE thanks to Jamey and Kate 
for the generous Christmas gift card to Lolita

For starters, any BYO that has 
bring your own tequila 
is a step ahead in my book. 
(Blood orange margaritas are really freakin' delicious btw)

Anth's reaction to our appetizers arriving. 
Definitely one of the best meals we've had in the city. 

Sunday I was lucky enough 
to snag a spot in the Broad Street 10 miler
a great Philly tradition. 

Jax however, didn't get so lucky. 
The odds just weren't in his favor. 

He was obviously pissed. 
He followed me for 10 minutes before I left; 
staring at his leash and sitting 
in the most perfect attentive sit ever. 
There were also a lot of heavy dog sighs. 

Poor guy. 


I have to admit, 
I was hoping the post-race treat 
would be cheesesteaks. 

Can't win 'em all :-) 

At least I got a high-five from the mayor! 

(thanks Neah for the pic!)

When I got back, 
We took the pup on a long walk
to Rita's and a local dog pet store. 

He was super pumped.

And finally, because we live 
in an over-crowded part the city,
we don't have an outdoor space. 

But we've got a fire escape! 

Some nights are just too nice to eat inside. 

Jax, again, was pissed he was left out. 

Hope you too had a great weekend 
and weren't left out of any fun!  

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